Hollywood’s First Wives Club: Meet the Women Who Used to Be Married to A-List Actors

When it comes to celebrity marriages, some of the richest and most successful actors have walked down the aisle more than once. Sure, you can name who they’re married to now, but can you recall who they used to be married to? Here are the first wives of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.

1. Diandra Luker, first wife of Michael Douglas

Diandra Lurker and Michael Douglas walking past a crowd of paparazzi.

Diandra Lurker and Michael Douglas | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

There was actually a time when Michael Douglas was married to someone other than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In 1977, the actor married Diandra Luker, who is a film producer and daughter of an Austrian diplomat. The pair officially divorced in 2000. Their son, Cameron Douglas, was released from prison in 2016 after serving seven years for drug charges.

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