Popular Celebrities React to the Worst Interview Questions Ever

Celebrity interviews don’t always go as planned. Occasionally, even the most famous journalists ask terrible questions, placing the interviewee in an awkward position. Some celebrities attempt to provide an answer and move along, while others simply express bewilderment, become extremely angry, and even walk out entirely.

Here are some of the ways celebrities, from Robert Downey Jr. to Samuel L. Jackson, have reacted to the worst interview questions of all time. You won’t believe who shut down Matt Lauer prior to his termination from NBC (page 9).

1. Reporter thinks Samuel L. Jackson is Lawrence Fishburne

In a quite infamous interview, KTLA reporters interview Samuel L. Jackson, and one asks about a Super Bowl commercial Jackson recently appeared in. The only problem? Jackson wasn’t in a Super Bowl commercial — it was Lawrence Fishburne.

Jackson immediately asks, “What Super Bowl commercial?” Some awkward silence follows as someone informs the reporter that Jackson is not Fishburne. As soon as Jackson realizes what happened, he goes off on the anchor for about four straight minutes, telling him, “We don’t all look alike!”

Since then, Jackson has been known to sport an “I’m not Lawrence Fishburne” shirt.

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